AR-15 High End Barrel


Featuring the highest quality 416R stainless steel and our own polygonal rifling, the new High-End Barrels are ready to ship. These new barrels feature a series of five segmental arcs creating a highly more accurate barrel than tradition Enfield rifling. The benefits of this style of rifling include:

·        Segmental Arcs - Instead of flat hard surfaces there are a series of segmental arcs that allow for less bullet to bore friction, resulting in increased velocity, and less bullet deformation resulting in increased accuracy.

·        Cleaner Shooting - Without all those hard angles and corners in standard rifling, there is less area for fouling to collect.

All in all these new barrels allow for cleaner, more reliable, and very accurate shooting. They feature a beautiful shot preened finish that is more resilient to scratching and tougher at repelling rust verses standard finishes that are being offered elsewhere.

*Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks.